Machine Model CDT-300.
T-Former for Duct


Copper tube collaring

Stainless steel collaring

Manufacture Your Own Tees

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Stainless Steel

Galvanized Steel
100mm x 98 x t0.47



Stainless Steel
SUS 304, Gauge 26

Galvanized Steel
200mm x 200mm

  • The CTD-300 produces 90-degree T-ducts ducts in seconds using Candix Machinery's own T-Forming Tooling. Only head feed is controlled by NC motor while spindle rotation is controlled by inverter
  • NC controlled feed speed.
  • Collar height up to 12 mm (0.47”).
  • Main duct diameter 100 mm to 300 mm. 1:1 T-forming possible.
  • No lubricant required.
  • No scratch on inside of collar. Not a ball pullout system.
  • No internal die for galvanized steel. Die required for stainless steel duct.
  • Any collar forming position possible at any degree of cut circumference as long as T-forms don’t interfere.
  • Place duct with pilot hole in the clamping device and insert T-forming tool in tool holder.
  • Note: The standard CDT-300 does not make the necessary pilot hole. This must be cut before the duct is placed in the machine. Can be cut withplasma press, scissors, or any other way.
  • Press the ON switch to start the T-Former.
  • Head goes down and shaft of T-Forming Toll is clamped.
  • Tool rotates to form the Tee
  • Switch off the spindle and release the clamp before removing the duct and tool.
  • Each collaring diameter will usually require its own tool. However, if diameters are close enough it is possible to just change the tool.
  • Duct requires a pilot hole. This is not made by the CDT-300
  • Depending on the material, the hardened edge cut with plasma may require a little grinding. The CDT-300 does not do this.
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Model CDT-300 Specifications

Material: Galvanized steel duct or stainless steel duct (inox steel duct).
Duct Diameter: 100mm to 300mm

Collaring ID:

75mm to 300mm (Collaring ID can exceed Main Duct OD by up to 2 mm)

Wall Thickness:

Min. 0.4 mm. Max. 1.0 mm. Click here for thicker wall.

Collar Height:

Up to 12 mm depending on material.


Approx. 60 sec/pc for 100mm x 100mm galvanized steel
Approx. 120 sec/pc for 100mm x 100mm stainless steel.


Easy touch screen panel, easy maintenance. Clean: Does not require a lubricant

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