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Collaring machine for stainless steel tube and pipe. Two collaring systems in one machine

Ball Pull-Out system. One-to-One collaring possible.
(tube OD=collar OD)
Extruder system withNC-feed option for consecutive cycles and easy positioning.
NC collaring machine for stainless steel with Ball Pull-Out, Extruder, and sizing. Opposite collars possible Virtually scratchles.
SUS 316 collar formed by ball pull-out.

Stainless stell 316L sample collared on Extruder system. Tool changeover necessary for each diameter.


The Ball Pull-Out system:
(Cycle details)
Pulls out a ball from inside the tube thereby forming the collar. Ball Pull-Out system is used when collar diameter is close to the run tube diameter (main tube diameter). Tubes require an oval pilot hole when using this system. Pilot holes can be produced on the optional Extruder System, or be made on a NC milling machine, drill or other way.
Ball Pull-Out system can produce a 1:1 collar, meaning that you can put a 21.3 OD collar on a 21.3 OD tube.
(Cycle details) (Video, 3.9Mb)

The Extruder system:
(Cycle details)
Optional feature. Pushes out a "punch" that cuts an oval pilot hole, and pushes out further to form a collar. Extruder system is a lot faster than the Ball Pull-Out System and is therefore very suitable for large scale production. Can form even very small ID collars but can't be used when collar diameter is close to main tube diameter (run tube). If the collar diameter of the collar is close to the run tube, the Extruder system can cut the pilot holes for the Ball Pull-Out system.
(Cycle details) (Video, 5.0 Mb)

Sizing system: Both Ball Pull-Out and Extruder system are equipped with a sizing punch that ensures the almost perfect ID accuracy and roundnesss of the collar.

NC-Feed: Optional feature. Automatically feeds the work to the exact position where the collar is to be formed. Ensures precission and saves considerable time.

Material: Stainless steel tube, SUS 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Min Tube OD: 12.7 mm (1/2")
Max Tube OD: 100 mm (4"). Large diameters possible upon request.
Max Wall Thickness: 3 mm Wall Thickness (0.118")
Collaring Diameters: 14 mm to 100 mm. Large diameters possible depending of specifications.
Max Tube Length: 1500 mm (60"). Up to 5000 mm (196") upon request.
Cycle Time: From 20 seconds per collar.
Collaring Example: SUS 316L, 21.3mmOD x 1.6mm WT x 17.3mm ID, 2.5mm collar hight.

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